How do Overflow Credit Packs Work?

Overflow Credits are extremely useful to handle unforeseen spikes in demand for any given month.

You may add one-time credits when setting up the initial quota, or by modifying a quota after the site is linked.

Overflow Credits, or Credit Packs are not used until after you run out credits for either a monthly quota or your main account for a shared quota.

Example: Say you set a 500,000 credit monthly quota for, and typically it stays under that limit, but occasionally you receive an unexpected spike in traffic or image usage - if you set a 1,000,000 overflow quota then it could draw from that as needed - say 150,000 credits in March, 50,000 extra credits in April etc...
In short, the credits are there when you need them and never expire!

You may purchase additional overflow credits as needed.
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