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Our Commitment to Website Performance

Our Promise:

With WP Compress, you don't just get a tool - you get an entire team of performance experts!

We believe if your website isn't faster, you shouldn't pay. That's only fair, right?

We're here to work with you, ensuring your website runs at its best. Many times, a little tweak or adjustment can significantly boost performance.

Here's how it works:

Send us the website link where you're not seeing speed improvements.
Our experts will dive in, fine-tune the settings, and send a comparison report using reliable third-party tools such as GTMetrix.
If your website isn't performing better with the plugin active, we'll happily refund you on the spot!

It's that simple, we're in this together, committed to helping boost your website's speed!

Note: While we’re always here for expert guidance and support, our faster website guarantee is valid for the first 14 days of your initial subscription. Afterward, it's reasonable to assume you have it set up and running properly on your own!

Submit Your Website for a Performance Review

Updated on: 09/16/2023

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