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How are Credits Calculated?

How are Credits Calculated?

Based on your plan, Optimization Credits are allocated to your main account, credits can be used for both real-time optimization and local image compression as follows:

1 Credit | Live Optimization Request
10 Credits | Locally Compressed Image/Variation

Restoring images is always free!

You can assign one-time credits for overflow usage that only gets used if you go over an allocated quota!

Real-Time Optimization Request, 1 optimization credit includes everything needed for the compression, optimization, generation of WebP, and delivery of an image from our lightning-fast global CDN for an active visitor on your website – typically in under 50ms per image! There is currently no hard cap on bandwidth, but it is subject to fair use.​

The beauty of this is that credits are only used for optimized traffic that hits our API, if a user visits multiple pages there’s a good chance certain assets are browser cached!

The same system applies for accelerating other assets served via live optimization such as CSS, JavaScript and SVG files.

Optimizing a Local Image uses 10 credits per image or variation. You have the option to either back up your images locally (free) or in our cloud with up to 1 GB of cloud storage included free per website!

We'll give you notifications if you're running low and projections of how many credits are needed for a specific site in the management portal!

Updated on: 04/18/2021

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