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Purging the CDN Cache

How to Purge the CDN Cache

To purge CDN cache, simply navigate to the admin bar and click Clear Cache, this will flush your files from our network and request content to be re-downloaded on the next page load.

We account for some of the most common situations, and you should not need to purge the cache for:

Updating a Plugin
Updating a Post or Page
Changing Settings within WP Compress

While we don't recommend purging cache if everything is running smoothly as your site will be faster with CDN hits, you may want to purge cache for any of the following reasons:

If you changed your theme
If your page layout is showing incorrectly
If you've replaced an image in the Media Library

Essentially, when you purge the cache you're requesting that our service pulls new information and assets from your site.

Be sure to purge other plugins or any server side cache before purging WP Compress as otherwise we may pull outdated information that other providers are actively serving and your site may not seem to update.

Updated on: 02/10/2021

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