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Using Custom Branded Reporting (Whitelabel)

Using Custom Branded Reporting (Whitelabel)

Agency PRO members can add their logo to both PDF and Email Reports as well as set up custom branded SMTP from the management portal.

Step 1

Click on Whitelabel Reporting at the top right of the portal

Step 2

Upload your logo and set the desired width in the report

Step 3

Configure your SMTP settings (the same as you would for adding an email to your mobile device)

Blast Off!

Once set up, simply add the emails that you'd like to under the individual site dashboard within the portal

You can send a report on the fly (default to the email on your account)

You can also configure the users you'd like to schedule monthly reports for by clicking on the gear icons (as well as override logos per site if desired)

Multiple emails may be added as desired by separating email addresses with commas.

Congratulations, you're now all set to download and send Custom Branded Reports!

Updated on: 04/09/2021

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