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Setting Up a Custom CDN Domain

Using a Custom CDN Domain

In live optimization mode, your images and assets will load from * - which is technically unbranded; however we strongly recommend using your own website's domain for serving images and scripts.

The most common domain we see is - and it can be set up simply within the plugin under CDN Delivery and scrolling to Custom CDN Domain

There you can use any domain you own to serve the optimized images and assets by simply creating a subdomain on the domain you wish to use in your DNS or hosting panel, then adding a new CNAME record pointing to the url specified in the plugin.

After the DNS has propogated (can take up to 48 hours globally) you may enter the full domain into the field and hit save - you may then turn on the feature as desired.

Be sure to test loading your site to confirm the domain has properly propogated and is linked.


If images are not properly loading, be sure to check if the DNS has fullly propogated (we typically check here) and try clicking reset and relinking once all regions are good to go!

Another possibility is if you have the subdomain previously linked to (formerly BunnyCDN) as we run the initial connection through the system. If this is the case, simply remove the subdomain from and link again.

If you're still getting assets loading from the * domain be sure you toggle the feature ON!

Updated on: 06/14/2023

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