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What are Overflow Credits?

What are Overflow Credits?

Overflow credits (or one-time credit packs) allow you to optimize outside of your existing monthly quota on a site by site basis!

Overflow Credits are extremely useful to handle unforeseen spikes in demand for any given month.

In the example above, we've set a 100,000 credit monthly quota for this website; however, with a 1,000,000 overflow allocation that means if an irregular spike in traffic was to happen (say triple the visitors in April) the remaining 200,000 credits would be pulled from the overflow margin and you'd have 800,000 overflow credits remaining that never expire!

Essentially overflow credits are a buffer zone incase your site goes over in a specific month or can be used without a quota as a one-time bump!

Overflow Credits are Great For

Optimizing Local Images Initially
Handling Spikes in Traffic
Determining an Long-Term Monthly Quota
One-Time Credits for Clients

You may add one-time credits when setting up the initial quota, or by modifying a quota after the site is linked.

Overflow Credits, or Credit Packs are not used until after you run out credits for either a monthly quota or your main account for a shared quota.

In short, the credits are there when you need them and never expire!

You may purchase additional overflow credits as needed.

Updated on: 04/28/2021

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