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How Does Live Compression Work?

How Does Live Compression Work?

Using Live Compression Mode, your images are securely backed up and optimized in the compression cloud, then only the smaller, light-weight images are served to your viewers from our exclusive hybrid CDN network.

Live mode automatically optimizes your images and scripts in real-time based on the incoming visitors device, browser, screen resolution, location on page and geo-location to help you get the fastest load times around!

It includes adaptive images, WebP conversion, Retina support, lazy loading and more served over a lightning-fast CDN!

Live Requests are based on optimized requests processed and served through the multilayer CDN which resets each month. There is no hard cap on bandwidth.​

The beauty of this is that credits are only used for optimized requests that hit our API, if a user visits multiple pages there’s a good chance some assets are browser cached!

We also offer local image compression, and every month your account gets allocations for both

You may toggle additional settings as needed such as Image Quality, Adaptive Images, WebP, LazyLoad for improved speed, savings and user experience!

Updated on: 02/10/2021

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