How to Exclude From Delay JS
You may want to exclude a file from Delay JS if you're site is facing display issues, UX interactivity problems or console errors that you'd like to resolve.

While more advanced, a great first step is to check the console log and exclude the file(s) that are notated

If you're facing issues when enabling Delay JS
First turn off the setting and confirm the issue is resolved, be sure to test after each stage below

Please be sure to purge any cache!

1) Exclude 'themes' in the delay JS field then check to see if the issue is resolved


2) If the theme does not resolve the issue, you may then exclude your builder such as:


3) If the builder does not resolve the issue, then you may exclude 'plugins' as well and re-test


If that works, you can then isolate a specific plugin such as a slider, carousel or other aspect that cannot be delayed without breaking functionality.

Note, this is for a starting point to find what section is causing issues, at any time we'll be happy to help with excludes via chat or ticket support!
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