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How can I exclude an image, asset or script?

How can I exclude an image, asset or script?

To exclude an image, asset or other file type from the CDN, delay JS, critical CSS or any other applicable setting, simply go into your plugin settings panel or portal and click the tab of what you'd like to exclude:

In this example, we'll pick CDN Delivery - from there, click the GEAR ICON

Then exclude the file or keyword you'd like to:

This could be a keyword such as theme or plugins or even a specific file such as logo.png it will exclude ALL files with that keyword, so the more specific the more limiting you are.

You can then do the same to exclude from any other available section, simply click the gear icon as needed!


.svg would exclude all assets with that extension
imagename would exclude any file with that name
/myplugin/image.jpg would exclude that specific file
/wp-content/myplugin/ would exclude everything using that path

We offer wildcard exclusion where you can simply enter .jpg to exclude all jpgs... but you should never really need to to past image.jpg :D

Updated on: 12/21/2022

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