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Quick Start Guide: Easy Setup and Performance Testing

Quick Start Guide for WP Compress Users: Easy Setup and Performance Testing

Welcome to WP Compress! In this quick start guide, we'll help you set up your site and test its performance to ensure fast loading and compatibility with your themes and plugins.

Keep in mind, Safe Mode is Always Available 😎
All performance tweaks are toggle-based and temporary. If at any point during the setup process or while testing you face any issues, simply enable SAFE MODE, which disables all optimizations and will revert your website back to its unoptimized state.

Step 1: Try Recommended Mode
First, give the recommended mode a try. It should work well for your website, providing a noticeable improvement in speed. It's really as simple as that!

Step 2: Experiment with Aggressive Mode (Optional)
If you're looking for even more speed, you can try aggressive mode (also known as lightning mode). This mode includes additional optimizations, but keep in mind that not all themes or plugins will be compatible out of the box. If you encounter issues, you can exclude themes, plugins, or specific files to maintain compatibility.

You may then turn on Critical CSS and Delay JavaScript and see if that works for you!

Step 3: Advanced Configuration (If Necessary)
In case you notice functionality issues in aggressive mode or with the new settings, if that is the case, you may revert to recommended or safe mode or proceed to advanced configuration and exclude problematic files.

In the advanced configuration, we recommend turning off features one by one in the following order until functionality is restored:

1. Turn off delay JS
2. Turn off JS in footer
3. Turn off critical CSS
4. Turn off combine CSS
5. Turn off JS + CSS via CDN

Alternatively, you can turn off all features, then enable them one by one to identify the problematic setting. Typically, any issues can be resolved by excluding troublesome files from the affected feature. If you need assistance, our chat support is always available to help. Remember, even if you need to leave a feature off, you'll still experience performance gains from the other optimizations, and your site will continue to improve in speed!

Updated on: 04/14/2023

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