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What Happens if I Run Out of Credits?

What Happens if I Run Out of Credits?

In Live Mode your images will revert to the previous state, typically the slower, heavy images that you previously had on your website. Once additional credits have been allocated (from the portal or new purchase) you may resume lightning-fast live optimization and continue serving through our hybrid global CDN.

In Local Mode your images will stay in their current state, and no further optimization can be run until you either add additional credits (from the portal or a new purchase) or your quota resets on a membership plan. You may still restore images at any time.

TIP: You can allocate One-Time Credits that act as a buffer if a site was to need a bit more optimization power for any given month, they're only drawn upon if you go over your set quota or the main account runs out of credits with a shared quota type. _You can purchase Overflow Credit Packs or even get a starter bonus on sign up!

Updated on: 02/10/2021

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