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Testing with Live Mode (Real-time Optimization + CDN)

Testing with live mode (Real-time optimization + CDN)

When testing with live optimization, make sure you see a CDN cache HIT to get our fastest speeds, the cache and optimization has to go to the edge locations over time and gets faster as more viewers see your content!

If it says MISS or EXPIRED you're not getting the fastest speeds yet - so re-test and watch your images and scripts fly!

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) caches content to reduce the load on the origin server and improve the delivery speed to end users. When a user requests content that is already cached on a CDN node, that node can respond to the request without having to retrieve the content from the origin server. This is known as a "cache hit," and it results in faster delivery of the content and less strain on the origin server.

Updated on: 01/20/2023

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