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What is Real-Time Optimization?

What is Real-Time Optimization?

WP Compress uses real-time image optimization to compress and optimize website images on the fly as they are requested by users. This helps to reduce the file size of the images, making them faster to load and improving website performance.

WP Compress uses a combination of techniques to optimize images, including lossless compression, which reduces the file size of an image without compromising its quality, and automatic format conversion, which converts images to the most efficient format for the user's device.

WP Compress also uses adaptive images, which serve different versions of an image depending on the user's device and screen resolution, and lazy loading, which delays the loading of images until the user scrolls down to them.

By using real-time image optimization, WP Compress can provide a faster and more responsive user experience, which can improve user engagement and satisfaction. WP Compress can also help to reduce hosting costs and improve website performance, as optimized images require less bandwidth and server resources.

Overall, real-time image optimization is a powerful tool for improving website performance, and WP Compress makes it easy for website owners to optimize their images in real-time and provide a faster, more responsive user experience.

Updated on: 02/21/2023

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